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Chris Cannon MA, CAS

Somatic Psychotherapist & Certified Addiction Specialist

Thank you for visiting my site. Before I get to know you, I'd love to tell you a little about myself. My journey into the world of mental health services has come through my own severe struggles with adoption trauma, addiction, and long-term depression. Such conditions have made me an avid researcher of the human mind and heart, and a passionate experimenter of the means by which we transform both...

Somatic Counseling

Mindfulness has been at the forefront of psychological research for many years. What the Buddhists have known for two millennia is being scientifically validated and embraced for its ability to decrease stress hormones, promote relaxation, improve sleep, and manage physical pain. Its ability to aid in inner exploration is no less impressive. 

Somatic (body-based) psychotherapy is at the cutting edge of trauma work and nervous system regulation research. By encountering dysregulation where it originates, working somatically offers us a direct path to the root of our trauma and its healing.

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100 Arapahoe Ave. #9 Boulder, CO 80302



100 Arapahoe Ave. #9 Boulder, CO 80302