Adoptee Group

Group Therapy for Adult Adoptees
*Currently recruiting with estimated start time of late winter/early spring 2021*

Are you looking to spend more time with others who have been through adoption? Would you like to explore the impact adoption has had on you with people in your shoes? Are you looking for the support and healing that come with being a part of an adoption community?   

As an adoptee, I know that those of us who are adopted do not get many chances to be in the company of others who have been through what we've been through. That, in and of itself, is a special experience. In this group I hope to offer something unique and nurturing for my fellow adoptees. I have designed this group to follow phases of the early attachment process.

This means, as a group, you will learn to establish for yourselves and each other, that which may have been interrupted in your early life due to the developmental disruption of being given up for adoption.

As I said above, the group will go through phases: some supportive, some more challenging, but all are designed to create a healing space for adoptees.


Cost will be $45 for 1.5 hours. Fill out the form below to be added to the waitlist for the next open group. 


100 Arapahoe Ave. #9 Boulder, CO 80302