My Approach

While my approach to psychotherapy may differ slightly from my approach to caretaking and mentoring, the roots of all my work draw from similar techniques and theories. I strongly believe in staying client-centered. This means that you—the client—ultimately directs the exploration. I act as to be a gentle sounding board, and assist you in the process of seeing yourself exactly as you are. It is not my job or desire to change you, but rather to guide you in a deepening of your own experience so that natural transformation can take place.

My guidance in this process is made more potent through the therapeutic relationship that we build. I am also a strong believer in the power of intimate connection. Attachment theory research has drastically changed our understanding of many unwanted mental health symptoms, and I have found that tending to relationship with others brings to light all that is unhealthy within us. Thankfully, it also has the power to heal that which it brings forth. 

In my counseling, I draw substantially from Carl Roger's Person-Centered techniques, Gestalt, and Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing methods. Mindfulness is at the core of all my work. My interventions tend to be both gentle and precise while leveraging the power of bodily awareness and relationship dynamics.